Pottery & Photo Disclaimer

Camachos Pottery cannot guarantee or represent that any of the products sold on this website will look and/or appear exactly as they do on the website when received in person. There may be variations in color, size, and or print when received. Please refer to our company’s Refund Policy accordingly.

Further, we cannot be responsible for any products that are damages and/or broken after the product has been received intact. Pottery is very fragile and must be handled with care. We cannot refund and/or replace an item that was received intact and later broken when handled. Further, we are not responsible for any scratches made on counter tops, coffee tables, dining room tables, other pottery, or any other surface. The pottery we make may be hard and may scratch surfaces. Any pottery can scratch another surface. How the pottery is handled and what the pottery comes in contact with could determine if it does or does not scratch and our company cannot be liable and/or responsible for any damage the pottery may cause. For additional information, please refer our company’s Refund Policy accordingly.

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