Credit Card Authorization Policy

By purchasing a product or good through this website or any of our third-party payment service providers, you authorize Camachos Pottery to process your credit card payment through our service provider, Shopify, PayPal, and/or any other provider that the Company utilizes. We securely use Shopify, PayPal, and/or any other service provider to process all transactions on this website. All prices herein may be subject to applicable State Sales tax for all transactions. You should read the terms, conditions, and other policies contained on Shopify and/or PayPal’s website by clicking here Shopify , PayPal. Upon check out, by clicking on "Agree" and submitting payment you waive any rights or claims against the Company for any cybercriminal activity or hacking of your personal information and/or credit card information including but not limited to fraud. By also proceeding with payment and the purchase of any product or service on this website you hereby agree to the Cancellation Policy & Refund Policy  CANCELLATION POLICY & REFUND POLICY and understand that your credit card may be charged for cancelled sessions, services, or bookings in accordance with the Cancellation Policy.

This Payment Authorization Terms & Conditions Policy was most recently updated in May of 2024